Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Thoroughly Belated Commentary on Mayweather/McGregor

So that went down as expected by pretty much anyone who was paying attention and knew anything about boxing and MMA. The differences in predictions mainly revolved around McGregor's cardio and when Mayweather would take advantage of it to finish him off, if he wanted to. McGregor started wearing out at round six or seven, Mayweather had a bet to win in under 9.5 rounds, and he won with less than thirty seconds to spare (1:07 or something of round ten).

The most interesting part of the whole thing might be that there aren't any rules about fighters betting on themselves, but Mayweather was stymied when trying to bet $400,000 on himself. Apparently, not only did the book say no, but when he sent a friend somewhere else to bet, they only took $87,000.

It was a good fight, though. I wonder if the people who paid for Mayweather/Pacquaio and this feel like they got their overall money's worth.

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