Sunday, September 17, 2017

Fire Adalaide Byrd

That is all.

No, actually, that's not all. She's currently the poster child for terrible judges, but only because she's the most recent and has some history of dropping mind-boggling scores on fights. But she's not the only one.

There have been comments suggesting Golovkin's team did him a disservice by not objecting to her inclusion as a judge. Maybe, although if they gave it much thought it's possible they figured she was as likely to fuck up the fight in their direction as Alvarez's. (I haven't seen an indication the fights she screws up are all towards a crowd favorite.) It shouldn't be their job to do that, though. Any judge with a history of seriously questionable calls in high-visibility or title fights should not be given duties on a bout of this magnitude. It's not going to screw up their careers; these fights don't come along that often. The NSAC costs themselves far more than they gain, given what boxing as a whole loses in respect and fans, when these sorts of fiascos occur.

What counts as a history? I think two, but maybe that would disqualify too many judges. I'm not suggesting a lifetime ban from huge fights, either. Something has to change, though.

And yes, this happens in MMA, too, although the issue hasn't arisen as much recently. But it's as much a product of the scoring system as the judges themselves, so I wouldn't suggest something similar.

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